Xymogen.com Redesign

2Advanced approached me with the task of creating the site architecture and experience design for the new Xymogen.com site, a premier neutraceutical company. With over a hundred products and a mountain of print collateral, I conducted internal stakeholder interviews with everyone from the CEO to regional sales managers to better understand how the new site would fit into the company’s upcoming business strategies.

Creating an easy to use navigation, I focused on four primary areas: their products, the company, and specialized areas for patients and practitioners. Moving from the original site’s messy web of nav, I designed a simple and intuitive mega-nav that allows users to discover additional content before navigating to specific sections. Dynamic and modular page layouts allow for seamless navigation between the company’s products and information tailored specifically to their user audience.

The end result is a highly usable and engaging online experience, which coupled with 2Advanced’s designs, creates a truly unique and robust brand experience.

The final site embodies almost a year of hard work spanning from the early research to the integration with existing internal company applications.

  • For Xymogen
  • Type UX Research + IA Design
  • URL Xymogen.com

Xymogen.com Homepage

Xymogen.com - For Patients

Xymogen.com Site Architecture

Xymogen.com - Meganav